Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hot Pepper Jelly


8 Jalapeno Peppers
12 ounces assorted colorful bell peppers (weigh after trimming)
2 cups cider vinegar
1 box sur-jell
3 cups sugar


1.  Wash the jalapenos and trim the stem end off.  Removed the seeds if you want a milder jelly.  I recommend using whole pepper seeds and all.  Give rough chop, and the pulse them in the food processor until they are finely minced.   Be careful, the fumes are strong, and make sure to wear gloves when working with hot peppers.  Put the peppers in a heavy bottom pan.

2.  Wash and trim the bell peppers, and remove the seeds and inner ribs.  Give them a rough chop and pulse them in the food processor until finely minced.  You will want to do this in batches so you don't get mush.  Add the bell peppers to the heavy bottom pan with the jalapenos.

3.  Add the vinegar and the pectin, Bring the pot up to a rolling boil (a boil that doesn't stop when stirred.), then add the sugar, and bring back up to a rolling boil, stirring constantly boil for 1 minute.

4.  Ladle the hot liquid into hot clean jars, add lids and rings.  Process in hot water bath for 20 minutes, pull jars from water bath to cool on a towel for 24 hours.  Check to make sure jars have sealed.  Any jar that has not sealed will need to be refrigerated immediately.

Serve with plenty of creamy goat cheese, cream cheese and serve on crackers or slices of baguette.  This also makes a great marinade for Pork Loin's, and Chicken.

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